Crown Point Rainfall

At Crown Point in Tobago, for a period of record spanning 1971 – 2014
average annual rainfall sum = 1485.5 mm
wettest year on record = 1987 mm of rainfall in 2004
driest year on record = 835.9 mm of rainfall in 1981
wettest month on average = 213 mm of rainfall in November
wettest month on record = 429 mm of rainfall in November 2004
peak of wet season = Sept. to Nov. on average with an average of 561 mm of rainfall
wettest 3-month period on record = 860.4 mm of rainfall in May to July 2010
driest month on average = 43.3 mm of rainfall in March
driest month on record = 2.4 mm of rainfall in March 1992
peak of dry season on average = Feb. to Apr. with 140.3 mm of rainfall
driest 3-month period on record = 20.2 mm of rainfall in Feb. to Apr. 2010
Below are links to charts of Monthly and Seasonal rainfall values. Click on each of the thumbnail images to see the respective full image.
Crown Point Tobago Monthly Rainfall
Crown Point Tobago Seasonal Rainfall