Ponce Temperature

At Ponce in Puerto Rico, for a period of record spanning 1971 – 2014
average annual 2m air temperature = 26.3 °C
warmest year on record = 27.4 °C in 1998
coldest year on record = 25.4 °C in 1971
warmest month on average = 27.8 °C in July, August
warmest month on record = 28.9 °C in June 1997
warmest season on average = June to Aug., July to Sept. with 27.7 °C
warmest season on record = 28.7°C in June to Aug. 1997
coldest month on average = 24.6°C in February
coldest month on record = 23.1 °C in February 2005
coldest season on average = Jan. to Mar.24.7°C
coldest season on record = 23.5 °C in Dec. to Feb. 1975
Below are links to charts of Monthly and Seasonal temperature values. Click on each of the thumbnail images to see the respective full image.
Ponce Puerto Rico Monthly Temperature
Ponce Puerto Rico Seasonal Temperature