The Caribbean Agricultural Meteorology Network

The Caribbean Agricultural Meteorology Network (CarAgMet), a network of Caribbean meteorologists and agriculturists, was launched in September 2005. One of its aims is to promote functional dialogue between regional meteorologists and agriculturalists facilitating exchange of ideas and collaboration on agro-meteorology related issues within the member states of the Caribbean Meteorological Organization (C.M.O.).
The network also seeks to increase the awareness of the science of agro-meteorology in the Caribbean while at the same time providing useful information and giving advice to the agricultural community to enhance agricultural productivity in the region. The Network’s web page is expected to serve as an educational resource for meteorologists and agriculturalists in the region.Landscape
Specifically the work and goals of the network will reflect the following:

  • An avenue for providing agrometeorological data, information, analyses, consultations, expert assessments and best practices to meet the needs of the agricultural community in CMO member states.
  • The provision of technical support on agrometeorological issues in CMO member states.
  • The provision of a forum for dialogue on agrometeorological issues, sharing experiences and research results.

An educational resource on agrometeorology and related topics through publishing of articles and papers and through links with related institutions and research projects regionally and globally.
The network is opened to persons residing in member countries of the Caribbean Meteorological Organization and its Caribbean affiliates. The Network’s activities are facilitated by the Applied Meteorology and Climatology department of the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology, Barbados.