Savannah Rainfall

At Savannah in Belize, for a period of record spanning 1979 – 2014
average annual rainfall sum = 2408.4 mm
wettest year on record = 3484 mm of rainfall in 2006
driest year on record = 1455 mm of rainfall in 1987
wettest month on average = 363.9 mm of rainfall in September
wettest month on record = 756 mm of rainfall in June 2006
peak of wet season = July to Aug. on average with an average of 1003.6 mm of rainfall
wettest 3-month period on record = 1637 mm of rainfall in June to Aug. 1999
driest month on average = 57 mm of rainfall in March
driest month on record = 0 mm of rainfall in April 1984; July 2004
peak of dry season on average = Feb. to Apr. with 189.8 mm of rainfall
driest 3-month period on record = 53 mm of rainfall in Feb. to Apr. 2010
Below are links to charts of Monthly and Seasonal rainfall values. Click on each of the thumbnail images to see the respective full image.